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Who We Are
§AMS Rehab and Benchmark Therapy Home Care – A Full Range of Therapy Provider – began as a provider of outsourced therapy services to long term care facilities and has continued its growth and diversification into all faucets of therapy services for the elderly.  From the start in 2000, we have kept our eye on our original  objective, personal accountability and to continually meet and exceed our patients and customers needs. With the forming of Benchmark Therapy in 2006, we have grown from a single customer base to a regional service provider covering the Columbus, Dayton and southern Ohio territories. In order to expand the care and service to nursing homes, Benchmark has aligned itself in the home health therapy services. We believe the continuity of care to patients is critical to their well being and aids with the transition from the home to a nursing facility or from the nursing facility back home.  We are a team of over 70 therapists with hands on experience as service providers. We believe as the population ages and life expectancy extends, the demand for senior-living and specialized therapy services will increase steadily.
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